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ADB Sees Steady Growth for Developing Asia

Developing Asia will extend its steady economic growth in 2014 as higher demand from recovering advanced economies will be dampened somewhat by moderating growth in the People’s Republic of China (PRC), says a new ADB report.

Developing Asia Should Use Public Spending to Narrow Inequality

Widening income gaps are undermining decades of successful poverty reduction in developing Asia, meaning governments should proactively use fiscal policy to close gaps and promote more inclusive growth, says a new ADB report.

Pacific Growth to Pick Up in 2014 - ADB

Economic growth in the Pacific is projected to rise to 5.4% in 2014 from 4.8% in 2013, according to ADB's latest Asian Development Outlook 2014, launched in Sydney today.

Senior Pacific Media Gather in Sydney to Talk Business

Media industry professionals, publishers, proprietors, editors, and journalists from across the Pacific are gathering in Sydney today for the inaugural Asian Development Bank (ADB) Pacific Business Media Summit.

Building Partnerships Key to Social Protection of Pacific's Vulnerable - ADB

Pilot projects supporting vulnerable populations in Cook Islands, Marshall Islands, and Tonga are helping reduce the impact of economic downturns and counteracting the declining effectiveness of informal safety nets, according to experiences shared at a workshop organized by ADB.

Climate Change Risk Management to Improve in Tonga with ADB Grant

ADB and Government of Tonga have signed a $23.1 million grant agreement to fund the Climate Resilience Sector Project, which will systematically incorporate climate resilience into national planning processes and strengthen Tonga’s capacity to develop, finance, implement, and monitor pilot investments aimed at climate-proofing infrastructure and improving ecosystem resilience.

Urban Management Can Boost Living Standards and Climate Change Resilience in Pacific - ADB Report

Improved urban management in the Pacific region can boost living standards and resilience to climate change, according to a new report from ADB.

ADB Investment in Transport in Pacific Projected at $484 Million for 2014-2016

ADB will continue to play a prominent role in Pacific region transport infrastructure investment, while supporting efforts to expand capacity as well as institutional and policy reform, according to the organization’s latest Pacific Transport Update 2013.

ADB to Help Tonga Manage the Risks from Climate Change

Tonga will use a a $23.1 million grant from ADB to strengthen its capacity to develop, finance, implement, and monitor investments through pilot projects aimed at improving eco-system resilience and climate-proofing infrastructure.

Developing Asia Growth Outlook Steady As Industrial Economies Firm

An improving growth outlook in Japan and the United States paired with stronger-than-expected performance in the People’s Republic of China support a steady growth outlook for developing Asia, says a new ADB report.