Turkmenistan and ADB

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  • Country Operations Business Plan: Turkmenistan, 2016–2017

    ADB interventions in Turkmenistan envisage, among other things, promoting the private sector, as well as knowledge sharing, and capacity building initiatives, in line with ADB's Midterm Review of Strategy 2020.

  • TAPI Shareholders Agreement Initialed

    The shareholders of TAPI Pipeline Company Limited have agreed on their respective shareholding percentages and initialed the Shareholders Agreement. TAPI Company Limited will build, finance, own and operate the planned 1,600 kilometer Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) natural gas pipeline.

  • Turkmenistan: Economy

    For the year as a whole, the decline in global energy prices is projected to reduce export earnings and somewhat slow the pace of investment. However, strong fiscal and external buffers will help support growth in a difficult external environment. Accordingly, the Asian Development Outlook 2015 Update slightly reduces the forecast for growth in 2015 but maintains the forecast for slower growth in 2016.

  • Central Asian Cooperation Stands at Crossroads of New Era

    As a connecting link between Europe and East Asia, Central Asia is set to reap the benefits of burgeoning trade between the two economic giants.

Since beginning its partnership with Turkmenistan in 2000, ADB has been supporting the country’s national development agenda reflected in the National Program of Socioeconomic Development 2011-2030 (NPSED). The main objectives of the NPSED are diversification of the economy beyond the hydrocarbons sector, development of the country’s transportation and transit potential, modernization of the economy through market-oriented reforms, and promotion of the private sector.

Given the country’s vast energy resources and strategic location, ADB operations focus on enhancements to the transport and energy sectors, with projects fostering regional cooperation.

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5.8(2014) Population in millions

1.6%(2009-2014) Average annual population growth rate

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