ADB's first country operations business plan (COBP) for Turkmenistan has been formulated for 2014-2015 in conjunction with the draft interim country partnership strategy (CPS), 2014-2015.

The CPS is ADB's primary platform for designing operations to deliver development results at the country level. ADB works with each developing member country to map out a medium-term development strategy and a 3-year COBP to implement it.

The draft interim CPS 2014-2015 has identified two priority areas of operations in Turkmenistan: the development of transport and energy infrastructure toward enhancing regional cooperation and integration, and support for Turkmenistan's further engagement with the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) Program.

COBP 2014-2015 incorporates operations in the transport and energy sectors, as well as support for reform efforts and knowledge products through policy and advisory, and capacity development technical assistance projects.