Vanuatu and ADB

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  • Developing Asia Fastest Growing Region

    Developing Asia remains the fastest growing region globally despite slower-than-expected growth in major industrial countries as key economies move ahead with structural reforms, says a new ADB report. Read about the economic outlook for Vanuatu.

  • Private Sector Engagement Boosts Performance of State-Owned Enterprises

    Engaging the private sector through public-private partnerships and privatization improves the performance and service delivery of state-owned enterprises, according to a new report by ADB.

  • A Broader View of Asian Poverty

    Food insecurity and economic vulnerability should be included in a broader definition of poverty that could help policymakers develop more effective approaches, says new ADB report.

  • Aviation Safety and Security - ADB's Take

    Developing safe air transport systems and airports is a critical task for all nations. The complex work requires that small and developing countries work together to pool their resources and expertise.


The Vanuatu economy has seen steady growth over the past decade—a rarity in the Pacific.

ADB's country partnership strategy, 2010–2014 and its country operations business plan, 2014–2016 aligns with the government's Priorities and Action Agenda 2006–2015. Assistance is focused on transport, by providing support for improved connectivity to markets and social services; urban development, through expanding access to sanitation and drainage facilities and improved urban infrastructure; and energy, by supporting greater energy efficiency and renewable energy sources.

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0.26(2013) Population in millions

2.3%(2008-2013) Average annual population growth rate

12.7%(2010) Population living below the national poverty line

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