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  • ADB's Work in Vanuatu

    Since 1981, ADB and Vanuatu have been working together to build the economy and make the whole country—from the capital city to the most remote outer islands—more resilient.

  • How can the Pacific tackle the challenges of isolation?

    Pacific economies are looking to overcome their remoteness through telecommunications technology, improved transport networks, and greater private investment and competition, says a new ADB report.

  • Pacific Energy Update 2017: Vanuatu

    The Vanuatu Energy Access Project will increase electrification rates on the country’s two largest islands (Malekula and Espiritu Santo), and add renewable power generation capacity on Malekula.

  • Vanuatu: Country Operations Business Plan, 2017-2019

    The Vanuatu country operations business plan (COBP) 2017–2019 is aligned with the strategic priorities of the Pacific Approach, 2016–2020; the Midterm Review of Strategy 2020; and the government’s Priorities and Action Agenda, 2006–2015, along with Vanuatu’s infrastructure strategic investment plan and national energy road map.


Vanuatu has posted strong economic performance in recent years, driven primarily by tourism, construction, and aid inflows from development partners. However, key constraints to implementing assistance programs persist. These include the country’s remoteness, small market size, underdeveloped institutions, and limited absorptive capacity. The rural economy is primarily agrarian, with largely subsistence farming, aside from some copra, beef, cocoa, and kava produced for export.

The country operations business plan (COBP), 2017-2019 for Vanuatu is aligned with the government’s Priorities and Action Agenda, 2006-2015, infrastructure strategic investment plan, and national energy road map. ADB operations support energy, transport, water and other urban infrastructure and services, and public sector management. 


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