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Vanuatu's economy has outperformed most of the other Pacific island countries over the past decade due to implementation of structural reforms. Growth has been driven by the services, tourism, and construction sectors.

ADB's country partnership strategy, 2010-2014, for Vanuatu aligns with the government's Priorities and Action Agenda, 2006-2015, as well as its Planning Long, Acting Short action program. Assistance focuses on three core areas: transport and information and communication technology, urban sector development, and energy. Private sector development remains a crosscutting theme.

Fast Facts

0.25 (2012)
Population in millions

2.3% (2010-2012)
Annual population growth rate

12.7% (2010)
Population living below the national poverty line

Proposed Projects

There are no proposed projects at this time.

ADB Lending

Amount ($M) / %
Sector (No. of loans)
1.10 / 1.64
Agriculture (1)
6.00 / 8.95
Finance (2)
20.00 / 29.82
Public Sector (1)
19.97 / 29.77
Transport and ICT (3)
15.00 / 22.36
Water Supply (2)
5.00 / 7.45
Multisector (2)
67.07 / 100.00
TOTAL (11)
Cumulative as of 31 December 2012