ADB's program in Vanuatu supports the government's Priorities and Action Agenda 2006-2015, as well as its Planning Long, Acting Short action program, and contributes to ADB's overarching objective of poverty reduction.

ADB's country partnership strategy, 2010-2014, prioritizes the energy, transport, information and communication technology, water supply, and other municipal infrastructure and services sectors. Private sector development remains the cornerstone of the strategy.

ADB will continue to look for private sector investment opportunities in Vanuatu, and aim to support the development of the finance sector and transport and energy infrastructure. ADB's country and regional programs will complement each other. Regional support will be provided for renewable energy and energy efficiency, climate change adaptation, private sector development, management of civil aviation, public sector financial management, institutional capacity for economic reform, and strategic infrastructure.

ADB's assistance is harmonized with that of its main development partners, most notably Australia Aid, the Japan International Cooperation Agency, New Zealand Aid Programme, and the World Bank Group. ADB's assistance is focused on areas where ADB has a strong proven performance record, and for which the government needs ADB's assistance. The strategy builds on lessons learned from past operations, and recognizes the need to support incremental policy change, to keep projects simple, and to ensure a high level of stakeholder participation.