International Comparison Program 2005: Methods and Software


  • ICP 2003-2006 Handbook
    The handbook covers topics essential for understanding the conceptual foundation, the methodological framework and the classification standards of the program. It draws on experiences and operating procedures developed in earlier rounds and extends the program’s knowledge base by introducing new methodologies and procedures initiated in the 2003-2006 ICP Round. It is available from the World Bank ICP website.
  • Handbook of the International Comparison Programme [PDF: 12,539 kb | 127 pages]
    Studies in Methods, Series F, No.62, Department of Economic and Social Development, Statistical Division, United Nations, New York, 1992
    The ICP Handbook offers technical knowledge to staff working at the national level, especially in developing and newly participating countries, with the aim of promoting uniform understanding of methodological principles. It is available in six languages, including Chinese, from the World Bank ICP website.
  • Purchasing Power Parity and Quantity Comparison for the ESCAP region [PDF: 6,832 kb | 64 pages]
    Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, United Nations, New York, 1992
    This report compares real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and purchasing power parities (PPP) among the eleven Asia & Pacific (ESCAP) members in 1985.
  • World Comparisons of Real Gross Domestic Product and Purchasing Power, 1985 [PDF: 13,177 kb | 97 pages]
    Phase V of the International Comparison Programme
    United Nations, Statistical Division and EUROSTAT, New York, 1994
    This publication makes available internationally comparable estimates of real gross domestic product (GDP) and its expenditure components of phase V on the International Comparison Program (ICP) with reference year 1985.


The following software suite was developed by the ICP Global Office for the 2005 ICP round and was used by the National Statistical Offices, Regional Coordinators and the Global Office for data processing, validation and aggregation to come up with reliable PPP estimates.

  • ICP Tool Pack - an integrated software that supports and facilitates data processing, validation and analysis.
  • Structured Product Description (SPD) Module – supports building up of regional list of product specifications by systematically identifying the characteristics of products to be included in the ICP product list.
  • Expenditure Weights Diagnostic Module (WDM) – helps in the initial intracountry and intercountry validation of expenditure weights from national accounts data at various levels of aggregation of the GDP.
  • Data Capture Forms (DCF) – supports data capture for Equipment, Construction and Compensation.
  • Data Validation Module (DVM) for Equipment, Construction and Compensation - enables comparison of prices of products on the three sectors across selected economies.

Details of the ICP software suite, are found in the ICP Website of the World Bank.