International Comparison Program 2005: Objective and Scope


ICP Asia Pacific aims to:

  • Produce Purchasing Power Parities for 2005
  • Strengthen and build sustainable capabilities for national statistics offices of the participating developing countries to integrate ICP into their national accounts and price collection systems, and
  • Contribute to a regional and national structure for implementing the ICP on an ongoing basis.


ICP Asia Pacific has two components: country and regional.

The country component includes:

  • Establishing the greatest possible synergy between ICP price  collection efforts and routine national statistical programs;
  • Strengthening institutional capacity through technical and managerial training and assistance;
  • Providing financial assistance and logistics, including hardware and software for data collection, verification and processing;
  • Creating and maintaining databases and improving the quality, timeliness and dissemination of data;
  • Promoting the use of data for policymaking and progress monitoring.

The regional component includes:

  • Developing a comprehensive and standardized survey framework;
  • Organizing regional seminars and training designed to address issues related to sample designs, data collection, verification and processing procedures;
  • Organizing regional workshops designed to facilitate the sharing of best practices in the production, dissemination and use of data. These will contribute to the improvement of the quality, comparability and consistency of economic data, and establishing and maintaining an up-to-date regional databank.
  • Providing assistance to participating countries in the preparation of individual county product list.
  • Preparing the regional product list.
  • Processing regional data, creating and maintaining regional databases, and establishing regional PPP estimates and reports.