International Comparison Program 2005: Outputs and Data

Final outputs and data produced from the 2005 ICP include:


The outputs of the 2005 Round of International Comparison Program (ICP) for Asia and the Pacific include:


  • 2005 ICP for Asia and the Pacific: Research Study on Poverty-Specific Purchasing Power Parities for Selected Countries in Asia and the Pacific

    Table 26 is part of the Full Report of the Research Study and reflects the comparative Poverty PPPs derived from the 2005 ICP Asia Pacific; the Poverty Advisory Group methodology; and the use of prices collected from the poverty-specific price survey (conducted in 16 countries that participated)

  • 2005 ICP for Asia and the Pacific: PPP and Real Expenditures, Tables

    These tables are in Part V of the Final Report and include all the broad aggregates within GDP: actual final consumption expenditure; collective consumption expenditure by government; gross fixed capital formation; changes in inventories and net acquisitions of valuables; and balance of exports and imports. Important components of these aggregates, particularly for household consumption, are also reflected in these tables. Since the results were derived using the Eltetö-Köves-Szulc (EKS) method, real expenditures are not additive within a particular economy.

  • 2005 ICP Global Results: Summary table of results

    The tables are part of the 2005 International Comparison Program - Preliminary Results published by the ICP Global Office on 17 December 2007. The report provides information on gross domestic product (GDP), GDP per capita, household consumption, collective government consumption, and capital formation for all 146 economies. These estimates are derived from PPPs based upon national surveys that priced nearly 1,000 products and services. Comparative price levels are also included. It is available from the World Bank ICP website.