International Comparison Program 2011: Outputs and Data

Expected Output

  1. 2011 ICP Asia Pacific List for Household Products
  2. 2011 ICP Asia Pacific List for Machinery and Equipment
  3. 2011 ICP Survey Framework
  4. Improved methodologies
  5. Updated learning materials and ICP book
  6. ICP Asia Pacific Software Suite
  7. PPP results at regional level for 2011
  8. PPP results at global level for 2011

Output to Date

As of January 2011, the following has been accomplished:

  1. Asia Pacific List for Household Products

    To date, the list is composed of 917 products, 95 basic headings, 77 classes, 38 groups and 12 categories with more than 30% of the products belonging to the Food and Non-Alcoholic Beverages category.

  2. Asia Pacific Standardized Survey Framework and Methodology for Participating DMCs

    The pro-forma Survey Framework and Methodology of each economy consists of the following: i) outlet selection including stages of selection; ii) sample size determination including sample size allocation; iii) geographic coverage with urban-rural classification; iv) frequency of price collection; and v) comparison of products and quotations between 2005 ICP round and in the proposed 2011 ICP round.

  3. ICP Asia Pacific Software Suite

    The ICP Asia Pacific Software Suite (ICP APSS) will be used to manage country and regional data needed for PPP computation and automate the system of survey administration, data processing and reporting encompassing the elements of outlet product mapping; generation of survey questionnaires, data entry and basic price analysis.

  4. Regional and In-Country Training of Price Statisticians, National Accountants and IT Personnel

    As of January 2011, a total of three regional training/workshops have been conducted for the 2011 ICP Asia Pacific with participants from 23 economies.  Starting November 2010, training on price collection and the ICP APSS were also held in each economy.