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This report summarizes results of the workshop “Sustainable Vocational Training toward Industrial Upgrading and Economic Transformation” held on 2-5 December 2013 in Beijing and Guangzhou, the People’s Republic of China.
This paper examines how monthly wages are distributed between male and female workers in Indonesia.
This issue features trade implications of the Trans-Pacific Partnership on Asian countries, lessons on trilemma policies, wage differentials in Malaysian manufacturing, foreign direct investment in the People’s Republic of China’s and its outward investment, global production sharing in Thai manufacturing, and Afghanistan’s balancing social and security spending.
The annual Asian Development Outlook, generally launched in April, presents an analysis of developing Asia’s recent economic performance plus its prospects for the next 2 years. This Update shows whether these forecasts were met, explaining divergence between forecasts and the actual outturn, and firms the forecasts for the next 18 months or so.
The paper finds that energy efficiency policies in Asia are expected to have a positive impact on private consumption, government expenditures, and investment.
The Asia Bond Monitor reviews recent developments in East Asian local currency bond markets along with the outlook, risks, and policy options. It covers the 10 members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations plus the People’s Republic of China; Hong Kong, China; and the Republic of Korea.
The Agreement on Trade Facilitation (ATF) was agreed at the Ninth Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organization (WTO) held in Bali in December 2013. This paper assesses the level of ambition and likely impacts of ATF.
Author(s): Hamanaka, Shintaro
This edition of Gender and Climate Finance Policy Brief provides an overview of links between gender and climate change and selected climate finance instruments to fund inclusive mitigation action.
This issue features Poverty in Asia: A Deeper Look, Trade Implications of the Trans-Pacific Partnership for ASEAN and Other Asian Countries, and Myanmar: Unlocking the Potential.
This publication presents the 2011 Asia and the Pacific regional PPPs and summary results of real GDP and its major components for the 23 participating economies.