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The Asia Economic Monitor (AEM) is a semiannual review of East Asia’s growth, financial and corporate sector restructuring, and emerging policy issues. It covers the 10 Association of Southeast Asian Nations member countries plus the People's Republic of China and the Republic of Korea.
This paper presents a case study of the Asian Development Bank's State-Owned Enterprise (SOE) Reform and Corporate Governance Program Loan that was aimed at supporting fundamental and sensitive reforms in Viet Nam's transition.
Author(s): Abonyi, George
Key Indicators 2005: Labor Markets in Asia: Promoting Full, Productive, and Decent Employment is the 36th edition of the flagship annual statistical data book of the Asian Development Bank (ADB). It presents the latest available economic, financial, social, environmental, and Millennium Development Goals (MDG) indicators for regional members of ADB.
To understand how regional settlement systems can be used to facilitate greater bond market transactions in the ASEAN+3 region, this report reviews existing settlement systems, examines existing regional and international links between settlement systems, identifies the different types of cross-border settlements available, their advantages and disadvantages, the hurdles faced in establishing effective regional settlements, and the risks involved.
In this issue: WTO: Toward the Hong Kong, China Ministerial and Beyond; Poverty Reduction Strategies; Promotion of Trade and Investment between PRC and India; Quota-free Trade in Textiles and Clothing; Total Factor Productivity Growth in the Philippines: 1960–2000.
This paper evaluates empirically how far the shifting emphasis from export-led to domestic-demand-led growth policies with a view to achieving a more balanced growth strategy has gone.
Author(s): Felipe, Jesus | Lim, Joseph
The Basic Statistics 2005 report contains the statistical indicators for 42 economies in the Asia and the Pacific Region. The publication covers the indicators of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) such as such as population numbers, proportion of population below the poverty line, infant mortality rate, carbon dioxide emissions. It also contains the basic economic data like gross domestic product (GDP), inflation rate, trade balance, fiscal balance, external debt and many more data sets.
The Asia Bond Monitor (ABM) reviews recent developments in East Asian local currency bond markets along with the outlook, risks, and policy options. The ABM covers the 10 Association of Southeast Asian Nations member countries plus the People's Republic of China; Hong Kong, China; and the Republic of Korea.
The annual Asian Development Outlook provides a comprehensive economic analysis of 42 economies in developing Asia and the Pacific. On the basis of the Asian Development Bank's unique knowledge of the region, this 17th edition overviews aggregate trends and medium-term prospects by subregion–East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Central Asia, and the Pacific–in the context of global economic movements.
This paper explores the factors associated with the development of corporate debt markets using panel data covering 30 countries from 1989 to 2002