Statistics and Databases

Information has become a major driving force in economies. For many years, ADB has assisted its members in gathering and disseminating better statistical data. ADB disseminates recent key economic, financial, and social indicators compiled from regional members and other international sources. Available data and statistical resources are shown below.

  • AsiaData

    This visualization tool for mobile devices presents the latest macroeconomic and social indicators for ADB's regional members. Download from: Android Market/Google Play | iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad

  • Statistical Database System

    A searchable database of essential social, economic, and financial indicators relating to ADB's developing members. VIEW DATABASE

  • Key Indicators for Asia and the Pacific

    Economic, financial, social, environmental, and Millennium Development Goals (MDG) indicators for regional members of ADB.

  • Framework of Inclusive Growth Indicators (FIGI)

    Provides 35 indicators as measures of income and nonincome dimensions of inclusive growth; the processes that improve access to opportunities, social inclusion, social safety nets; and good governance.

  • Asian Development Outlook

    Annual economic reports on ADB’s developing members. It provides a comprehensive analysis of macroeconomic and development issues.

  • Basic Statistics

    Millennium Development Goals (MDG), land, population, national accounts, prices, money, balance of payments, reserves, external debt, and central government finance.

  • Economic and Financial Indicators

    Indicators include: GDP, inflation, industrial production, and retail sales for the real sector; trade, exchange rates, and balance of payments for the external sector; and money supply, stock prices, and banking indicators for the monetary and financial sector.VIEW DATABASE

  • Integration Indicators

    Twelve trade indicators, 8 foreign direct investment (FDI) indicators, and 17 money and finance indicators. Examples of indicators include intra-regional trade share, trade intensity, intra-regional FDI flow and share, and portfolio share. VIEW DATABASE

  • Asian Economic Integration Monitor

    A review of recent economic performance, new RCI developments in Asia and the Pacific, and analysis of initiatives or events that will affect the process of cooperation and integration.