1997 NGO Report

Date: April 1998
Type: Statutory Reports and Official Records
ADB administration and governance
Series: ADB Cooperation with Civil Society Annual Reports


Cooperation with NGOs has been identified specifically as key associated process in the Bank operationalizing its strategic agenda. Much of the Bank's expanding developmental role and expanded operational agenda is directed toward areas in which NGOs are active and have shown strengths. The Bank's Guidelines for Incorporation of Social Dimensions in Bank Operations describes NGO cooperation as including efforts to identify and develop means to facilitate the participation of NGOs in the formulation and implementation of development strategies and policies as well as specific development programs and projects. This report discusses aspects of the Bank's cooperation with NGOs in three levels, and presents a selection of issues which the Bank must face as it improves and expands its relationship with NGOs.


  • Introduction
  • 1997 Bank Activities Involving NGOs
  • Concerns Relevant to Bank-NGO Cooperation
  • Appendix