2001 Report on ADB-NGO Cooperation

Date: February 2002
Type: Statutory Reports and Official Records
ADB administration and governance
Series: ADB Cooperation with Civil Society Annual Reports


The Asian Development Bank (ADB) acknowledges nongovernment organizations (NGOs) as significant actors in development, on both the operational and advocacy levels. ADB interacts with a wide range of NGOs and other civil society groups, including humanitarian and relief agencies, community-based organizations, advocacy NGOs, mobilization networks, foundations, trade unions, and others. The purpose for engaging NGOs is clearly stated in ADB’s policy on Cooperation Between Asian Development Bank and Nongovernment Organizations, i.e., to improve the impact, sustainability, and quality of services to developing member countries (DMCs).

The report reviews areas in which ADB engages NGOs, and provides recommendations on retaining, strengthening, or modifying institutional arrangements, as well as on creating new structures and mechanisms, to promote more effective ADB-NGO cooperation.


  • Introduction
  • From Words to Action
  • Next Steps