2005 Annual Evaluation Review

Date: July 2005
Type: Evaluation Reports
Series: Annual Evaluation Reviews


In previous years, the Operations Evaluation Department (OED) produced an Annual Review of Evaluation Activities that summarized the results of evaluation work undertaken in the previous year. The present report differs from its predecessors in terms of structure, content, and analytical depth, and is the first step in turning the annual review into an annual review of development results. The ability of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to achieve development results depends, in large measure, on the performance of public sector projects, which account for 84% of cumulative lending. Consequently, OED undertook a retrospective analysis of the performance of public sector projects to investigate and answer six questions: (i) Has project quality improved or deteriorated over time? (ii) Does performance vary by sector? (iii) Does performance vary by country? (iv) Can OED findings be used to address issues related to selectivity and focus in the formulation of future country strategies? (v) Have economic internal rates of return (EIRRs) calculated during project processing differed significantly from those estimated at project completion? (vi) Are there risks that may result in deteriorating portfolio performance in the future?


  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction 
  • Achieving Development Results in Public Sector Projects 
  • Achieving Development Results in the Power Sector 
  • Highlights from 2004 Evaluation Activities 
  • ADB’S Evaluation System 
  • Recommendations 
  • Appendixes
  • Management Response