2008 Annual Evaluation Review

Date: September 2008
Type: Evaluation Reports
Series: Annual Evaluation Reviews


Each year, the Operations Evaluation Department (OED) of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) publishes a review report summarizing findings of the evaluation studies undertaken in the previous year. The purpose of the 2008 Annual Evaluation Review is to (i) outline the evaluation activities of OED in 2007, (ii) summarize the performance of ADB projects and programs as shown in the completed self- and independent evaluations, and (iii) synthesize the key findings and lessons from 2007 evaluation reports to guide future operations. In addition, this report presents a thematic chapter on the key common lessons identified by country assistance program evaluations (CAPEs) undertaken over 1998–2008. The selection of lessons from CAPEs as the central theme was motivated by ADB’s emphasis on country-based strategies and programs, the suggestion of the Development Effectiveness Committee regarding the compilation of common issues and key messages from completed CAPEs, the realization that CAPEs are the OED product type that is most used by its clients, and because CAPEs directly feed-forward into the preparation of the country partnership strategies (CPSs). Although these key lessons have been identified over time and some are not new, these are still valid as the lessons are yet to be mainstreamed in the CPSs.


  • Executive Summary 
  • Introduction 
  • Evaluation Programs and Activities in 2007 
  • Findings and Lessons from 2007 Evaluations 
  • Key Lessons from Country Assistance Program Evaluations 
  • Conclusions and Implications 
  • Appendixes 
  • Management Response 
  • DEC Chair's Summary