ADB Cooperation with Civil Society: Annual Report 2005

Date: April 2006
Type: Statutory Reports and Official Records
ADB administration and governance
Series: ADB Cooperation with Civil Society Annual Reports


Recognizing the emergence of NGOs as significant actors in the development process, and the importance of building closer relations with them in its operations, ADB approved a policy paper in 1987 on cooperation with NGOs. The policy stated that cooperation with NGOs was as an effective means of supplementing ADB-assisted activities. It further stated that ADB could enhance the effectiveness of its operations by drawing upon the special capabilities and expertise of NGOs.

This report provides an overview of ADB cooperation with CSOs during 2005, highlighting numerous examples from projects, programs, and policies. Taken together, it shows that collaboration with civil society has become firmly rooted in ADB’s operations, and occurs through a diverse range of interactions.


  • Introduction and Background
  • CSO Involvement in ADB Lending Operations
  • CSO Involvement in Technical Assistance Projects
  • Grant Assistance for Post-Tsunami Rehabilitation
  • Engaging CSOs in JFPR-Financed Projects
  • CSOs in Country Programming
  • Major Consultations with CSOs
  • Partnerships with Leading Conservation Organizations
  • Communications and Transparency
  • Improving ADB's Capacity to Work with CSOs
  • Building CSO Capacity
  • Improving NGO-Government Cooperation
  • Future Directions of ADB-NGO Cooperation