ADB Cooperation with Civil Society: Annual Report 2006

Date: February 2007
Type: Statutory Reports and Official Records
ADB administration and governance
Series: ADB Cooperation with Civil Society Annual Reports


In 2006, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) cooperated extensively with a broad range of civil society organizations (CSOs), including community-based organizations (CBOs), water users associations (WUAs), professional associations, research institutes, labor unions, and various nongovernment organizations (NGOs) throughout its operations. This report provides highlights of ADB’s deepening interaction with civil society in pursuit of poverty reduction in the Asia and Pacific region.

Highlights from the past 12 months include the identification of recipient organizations for NGO small grants under two regional projects aimed at preventing HIV/AIDS and combating corruption; launch of the Staff Guide to Consultation and Participation (C&P); elaboration of new guidelines supporting C&P in the formulation of the country partnership strategy (CPS); and the second continuous year featuring a level of CSO involvement in ADB-approved loans exceeding 70%. The nature of CSO participation ranges from participation in consultation meetings to surveying communities to project implementation and monitoring


  • Introduction and Background
  • Putting the Workplan into Action
  • Directions in ADB-Civil Society Cooperation