ADB Cooperation with Civil Society: Annual Report 2007

Institutional Document | January 2008

Throughout its operations, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) has been cooperating extensively with a broad range of civil society organizations (CSOs) to improve the effectiveness, quality, and sustainability of its operations and to increase stakeholder ownership of program/project activities. Civil society organizations include nonprofit, non-state actors such as community-based organizations (CBOs), water-user associations, professional associations, research institutes, labor unions, and a variety of nongovernment organizations (NGOs).

This report focuses on ADB's deepening interaction with civil society in 2007 as it pursues its mission of helping its developing member countries (DMCs) reduce poverty and improve the quality of life.

The year 2007 witnessed the highest ever percentage of ADB-approved public sector loans featuring elements of civil society participation. Of the 74 approved loans, 60 (81%) will involve activities with CSOs in their preparation and/or implementation.


  • Introduction and Background
  • Putting the Workplan into Action
  • Directions in ADB-Civil Society Cooperation