ADB Financial Profile 2013

Institutional Document | April 2013

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) promotes the economic growth and social development of its developing member countries by means of a wide range of activities and initiatives.

ADB's annual financial profile provides the facts and figures behind ADB's lending activities and describes ADB as a borrower.

2012 Operating Results and Highlights

(2011 figures in parentheses)

ADB has achieved solid performance every year since its establishment, with very low levels of loan default. Operating income for 2012 amounted to $464.7 million ($586.6 million):

  • Loans from ordinary capital resources (OCR) - ADB approved loans from OCR totaling $9.4 billion in 2012 ($10.7 billion), including $1.1 billion ($1.6 billion) to nonsovereign borrowers;
  • Equity Investments from OCR - ADB approved equity investments of $131 million ($239 million); and
  • Borrowings - ADB raised a total of $13.2 billion ($14.0 billion) in long- and medium-term funds and $5.7 billion ($621 million) in short-term funds.

ADB Special Funds are separate from and additional to funds available for development initiatives through OCR. They are accounted for, and used entirely separately from each other and from OCR. These include:

  • Asian Development Fund
  • Technical Assistance Special Fund
  • Japan Special Fund
  • Asian Development Bank Institute
  • Pakistan Earthquake Fund
  • Regional Cooperation and Integration Fund
  • Climate Change Fund
  • Asia Pacific Disaster Response Fund
  • Grant Cofinancing Activities including 36 Trust Funds


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