ADB Financial Profile 2014

Date: April 2014
Type: Statutory Reports and Official Records
ADB funds and products
Series: ADB Financial Profile


ADB's annual financial profile provides the 2013 facts and figures behind ADB's lending activities and describes ADB as a borrower.

2013 Operating Results and Highlights - 2012 figures in parentheses

ADB has achieved solid performance every year since its establishment, with very low levels of loan default. Operating income for 2013 amounted to $469 million ($465 million).

  • Loans—OCR ADB approved loans from OCR totaling $10,186 million in 2013 ($9,284 million), including $1,425 million ($1,007 million) to nonsovereign borrowers;
  • Equity Investments—OCR ADB approved equity investments of $142 million ($131 million); and
  • Borrowings ADB raised a total of $11,975 million ($13,217 million) in long- and medium-term funds and $2,518 million ($5,684 million) in short-term funds.

About ADB Finance

To fulfill its mission, ADB promotes the economic growth and social development of its developing member countries by means of a wide range of activities and initiatives. ADB finances loan projects and programs in the territories of its developing member countries. It also provides technical assistance, grants, guarantees, and equity investments. ADB also facilitates policy dialogues, provides advisory services, and mobilizes financial resources through cofinancing operations that tap official, commercial, and export credit sources. This maximizes the development impact of its assistance.

Operations are financed from ordinary capital resources and Special Funds. ADB’s Charter requires ordinary capital resources and Special Funds to be at all times held and used separately from each other.

Ordinary Capital Resources

ADB’s Ordinary Capital Resources operations are diverse, covering agriculture and natural resources, education, energy, finance, health and social protection, industry and trade, public sector management, transport and information and communication technology, multisector, and water supply and other municipal infrastructure and services.

Ordinary Capital Resources loans are generally reserved for developing member countries that have attained a higher level of economic development.

Special Funds

As of 31 December 2013, Special Funds consist of the following:

  • Asian Development Fund;
  • Technical Assistance Special Fund;
  • Japan Special Fund;
  • Asian Development Bank Institute;
  • Pakistan Earthquake Fund;
  • Regional Cooperation and Integration Fund;
  • Climate Change Fund;
  • Asia Pacific Disaster Response Fund; and
  • Financial Sector Development Partnership Special Fund.


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