ADB Results Framework Indicators Definition (Updated after the Framework's Refinement)

Date: January 2012
Type: Policies, Strategies, and Plans
ADB administration and governance


This document provides a list of performance indicators in the results framework of the Asian Development Bank (ADB), definitions of the indicators, and the methodology used to compile data.

ADB's results framework1 is organized into four levels. Level 1 tracks overall development progress in Asia and the Pacific through selected poverty reduction and development outcome indicators to which ADB aims to contribute. Level 2 indicators measure ADB's key sector outputs and the number of people benefitting from these outputs. Indicators at levels 3 and 4 monitor operational and organizational effectiveness, respectively.

ADB assesses its performance using these performance indicators, and reports its progress annually through the Development Effectiveness Review.


  • Introduction
  • Level 1: Asia and Pacific Development Outcomes
  • Level 2: Core Outputs and Outcomes
  • Level 3: Operational Effectiveness
  • Level 4: Organizational Effectiveness
  • Appendixes