Afghanistan: Country Operations Business Plan (2014-2015)

Date: December 2013
Type: Country Planning Documents
ADB administration and governance
Series: Country Operations Business Plans


The period covered by this country operations business plan (COBP), 2014–2015 will be characterized by a withdrawal of the international security assistance forces and an expected decrease in foreign aid in 2014 onward. The national priority programs (NPPs) will guide development directions during this transition period.

Recognizing the economic, social, and political uncertainties brought about by the transition period, the government requested the ADB to continue implementing its current country partnership strategy (CPS), 2009–2013. The thrust and scope of the current CPS remains valid and will be continued through the proposed COBP period until the approval of the new CPS.

The COBP for 2014–2015 is aligned with selected development priorities featured in the Afghanistan National Development Strategy and the NPPs.


  • Consistency of the Business Plan with the Country Partnership Strategy
  • Indicative Resource Parameters
  • Summary of Changes to Lending and Nonlending Programs
  • Appendixes