Afghanistan: Proposed Revision of Post-Conflict Assistance Phaseout

Date: August 2012
Type: Policies, Strategies, and Plans
ADB administration and governance; Social development and protection


Under the Asian Development Fund (ADF) X, 2009–2012, Afghanistan receives exceptional post-conflict assistance, with a plan to phase out post-conflict premiums over 6 years. However, the economic situation and operational conditions in Afghanistan worsened in 2010. To sustain the Asian Development Bank (ADB) operations and build on hard-won but still-precarious progress in post-conflict reconstruction and recovery, ADB suspended in June 2010 the phaseout of post-conflict assistance to Afghanistan for 2 years, 2011–2012.

During ADF XI replenishment, donors discussed post-conflict assistance phaseout to Afghanistan. Considering the need to continue supporting for the country’s development and to follow the framework of exceptional post-conflict assistance to Afghanistan as defined in ADF X, donors agreed to a proposed revision of the original phaseout plan of post-conflict assistance to Afghanistan. The revision proposed that ADB resume in 2013 the phaseout of post-conflict assistance to Afghanistan and extend the phaseout period by 2 years, until 2018. This paper seeks the approval of the Board of Directors of ADB of the proposed revision of post-conflict assistance phaseout to Afghanistan.


  • Introduction
  • ADB Operations in Afghanistan
  • Post Conflict Assistance to Afghanistan
  • Recommendation