Annual Report on Loan and Technical Assistance Portfolio Performance for the Year Ending 31 December 2005

Date: September 2006
Type: Statutory Reports and Official Records
ADB administration and governance; Evaluation
Series: Annual Report on Portfolio Performance


This is the fifth Annual Report (AR) on Loan and Technical Assistance Portfolio Performance prepared by the Operations Evaluation Department (OED) of the Asian Development Bank (ADB). The purpose of the AR is to present the results of analyses performed on current and historic data compiled by various sources with regard to the performance of ADB’s public sector lending, technical assistance grants, and private sector lending, equity investments, and other operations.1 The AR highlights important issues raised by the analyses and brings them to the attention of the Board of Directors and Management for their consideration and action, where appropriate. The analyses generally are useful to illustrate the issues, but they do not necessarily suggest clear courses of action to resolve the issues, and accordingly OED does not presume to advise the Board or Management on specific courses of action to be taken.


  • Executive Summary 
  • Introduction 
  • Public Sector Lending Operations 
  • Technical Assistance Grant Operations 
  • Private Sector Operations 
  • Reports of Special Studies 
  • Conclusions and Recommendations 
  • Appendixes 
  • Management Response