Annual Review of Evaluation Activities in 2003

Date: June 2004
Type: Evaluation Reports
Series: Annual Evaluation Reviews


The primary aims of the evaluation of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) activities are to provide accountability for use of resources, derive lessons for operations, and recommend follow-up actions to sustain the benefits of activities supported by ADB. The Operations Evaluation Department (OED) work program is reviewed each year by the Board of Directors’ development effectiveness committee (DEC), which also discusses selected evaluation reports. OED independently selects projects, programs, and technical assistance (TA) operations 3 years after completion. The subjects of special, impact, country, and sector assistance program evaluation studies are chosen in cooperation with operations departments. This review is the twenty-sixth in the annual series prepared by OED. It provides a summary of results and conclusions of 38 evaluation reports and other OED activities in 2003, and draws some lessons.


  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction 
  • Key Changes in Operations Evaluation Department Activities 
  • Assistance Program Evaluations 
  • Special Evaluation Studies 
  • Project and Program Performance Audit Reports 
  • Evaluation of Technical Assistance 
  • Feedback 
  • Other Activities 
  • Conclusions 
  • Appendixes