Asian Development Bank Sustainability Report 2013: Investing in Asia and the Pacific’s Future

Date: December 2013
Type: Statutory Reports and Official Records
ADB administration and governance; Environment
Series: ADB Sustainability Reports
ISBN: 978-92-9254-367-9 (print), 978-92-9254-368-6 (web)


The Asian Development Bank (ADB) Sustainability Report has been issued every 2 years since 2007. The current Sustainability Report contains selected performance highlights of ADB’s operations and corporate footprint during 2011–2012.

The Sustainability Report is accompanied by its expanded online version that provides a more detailed review of ADB’s sustainability performance and includes an extensive response to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Sustainability Reporting Guidelines.

Throughout the expanded online version, hyperlinks provide access to further information on the ADB website and elsewhere.

Environmental and social sustainability performance

The content and the further information available through the hyperlinks in the report allow stakeholders to assess ADB’s environmental and social sustainability performance during 2011–2012.

  • For ADB’s operations, the focus is on key issues related to the drivers for change and core operational areas under Strategy 2020, ADB’s long-term strategic framework, as being of material interest.
  • For ADB’s corporate footprint, administration, and management, the focus is on the environmental footprint, staff, and community engagement as topics of material interest.


  • President’s Statement
  • Foreword
  • Strategy and Structure
  • Investing in the Future
  • Improving ADB’s Operations
  • Managing ADB’s Footprint