Bhutan: Basic Skills Development Project

Date: November 2011
Type: Evaluation Reports
Education; Evaluation
Series: Validations of Project Completion Reports
Project Number: 31317-013


Validates the completion report’s assessment of the project aimed to strengthen institutional capacity to ensure the delivery of basic skills training relevant to market needs and commensurate with the capacity of beneficiaries, increase access to basic skills training by expanding TVET and rehabilitating and establishing facilities, improve the quality of basic skills training by strengthening links with the private sector, and promote the use of basic skills by developing employment guidance and job placement services. IED overall assessment: Partly Successful.


  • Project basic data
  • Project description
  • Evaluation of performance and ratings
  • Other performance assessments
  • Overall assessment, lessons, and recommendations
  • Other considerations and follow-up
  • Regional Department's Response to the PCR Validation Report