Cambodia: (Cambodia) Power Transmission Lines Co., Ltd., Power Transmission Project

Date: December 2013
Type: Evaluation Reports
Evaluation; Private sector
Series: Project Performance Evaluation Reports


Providing reliable and more affordable power is a key goal of the Government of Cambodia. In 2006, only 18% of households had access to electricity and prices were the highest in Southeast Asia. At that time, more than 95% of Cambodia’s power was supplied by isolated, small generation systems running on imported diesel.

To help remedy the situation, the government, in 2005, awarded a 30-year build–operate–transfer concession for a high-voltage line under a public–private partnership to (Cambodia) Power Transmission Lines to source power from Thailand. In 2007, the Asian Development Bank approved an $8-million loan to fund the construction of the 221-kilometer, 115 kilovolt high-voltage line to transmit power.

This performance evaluation report assesses ADB’s support to the project as highly successful based on the criteria of development impact and outcome and, from ADB’s side, investment profitability, work quality, and additionality. A lesson from this project and ADB’s wider engagement in Cambodia’s energy sector since the early 1990s is long-term sector engagements help facilitate enabling environments, as it has in Cambodia’s energy sector.


  • Executive Summary
  • Chapter 1: The Project
  • Chapter 2: Evaluation
  • Chapter 3: Issues and Lessons
  • Appendixes