Cambodia: Provincial Towns Improvement Project

Date: January 2013
Type: Evaluation Reports
Governance and public sector management
Series: Project Performance Evaluation Reports
Project Number: 29282-013; 29282-023


ONGOING EVALUATION. The ADB approved a $20.0 million loan for the Provincial Towns Improvement Project on 19 December 1999, and a supplementary loan of $6.26 million on 28 October 2003 to cover the cost over-run. The project aimed to improve the urban environment, public health, and basic urban services in seven towns in Cambodia. It comprised five components: (i) community sanitation and health awareness in three towns; (ii) water supply improvement in six towns; (iii) wastewater management in Sihanoukville; (iv) local governance and resource mobilization at the local level; and (v) implementation assistance through the provision of consulting services, project administration, equipment and facilities, and incremental administrative costs; and training.

The rationale for the supplementary loan was cost overruns and included construction of new, rather than rehabilitation of existing, water intake and treatment facilities; installation of generators, rather than reliance on the grid, to provide electric power; an increased sewer pipe diameter because of changes in layout and incomplete topographical surveys; a change in the lining of wastewater ponds due to higher than expected groundwater levels and unstable soil conditions; and generally higher unit prices for pipe materials.

This project performance evaluation report aims to assess the project’s performance and the factors affecting it. The evaluation will also examine the extent to which the project served the purpose of improving access to water supply and basic sanitation in relation of Cambodia’s achievement of the Millennium Development Goal 7. Similarly, lessons will be identified that can be derived for future intervention in Cambodia under similar situations.


  • Background
  • Project Objectives and Scope
  • Rationale for the Evaluation
  • Scope for the Evaluation
  • Other Issues of Interest in the PCR for the Evaluation
  • Evaluation Approach
  • Data Sources
  • Peer Reviews and Report Finalization
  • Milestones
  • Dissemination of Findings
  • Appendixes