Conceptualizing Inclusive Development: With Applications to Rural Infrastructure and Development Assistance

Date: December 2009
Type: Papers and Briefs
Evaluation; Poverty
Series: Evaluation Occasional Papers


This paper undertakes three tasks. The first and major task is to define inclusive development, in particular distinguishing it from growth, pro-poor growth, and inclusive growth, and differentiating them from each other. The paper then applies this definition to specific issues focusing on rural infrastructure. The second task is to discuss the relationship between rural infrastructure and inclusive development. The third and final task is to draw out the implications of the recent literature on development assistance and its effectiveness, for aid agency support of rural infrastructure with the objective of inclusive development.


  • Abstract
  • Introduction and Summary
  • What is Inclusive Development?
  • Rural Infrastructure and Inclusive Development
  • Development Assistance to Rural Infrastructure for Inclusive Development
  • Conclusion
  • References