Connecting the Dots for Greater Development Impact

Date: April 2012
Type: Papers and Briefs
ADB administration and governance; Evaluation
Series: Learning Lessons


ADB has been moving away from simply providing finance to achieving sustainably beneficial development results. Linking financing and other inputs to results requires logical steps related to cause and effect. Evaluative evidence points to the vital role links play in this process. These involve projects and programs in different areas, at different times, and the work of different players. But building such synergies seems key to improving development effectiveness.

This Learning Lessons, which draws on the findings of evaluation and completion reports of ADB-supported projects and programs, identifies and explains three keys links that can enhance development effectiveness:

  • Seizing synergies magnifies project and program outcomes
  • Immediate objectives must connect to final goals, and
  • Replicating what worked in the past—even for highly rated projects—is no guarantee for continuing success.

Read an interview with Vinod Thomas, director general for independent evaluation at ADB, about the importance of connecting projects across sectors and partners for better development results.

Connecting the Dots for Greater Development Impact by Independent Evaluation at Asian Development Bank