Consultation Phase of the ADB Accountability Mechanism: Listening to Communities Affected by ADB-Assisted Projects: Annual Report 2008

Date: February 2009
ADB administration and governance
Series: Consultation Phase of the ADB Accountability Mechanism Annual Reports


The Office of the Special Project Facilitator (OSPF) is responsible for the consultation phase of the ADB accountability mechanism. The core function of OSPF is to facilitate problem solving using consensus-based methods, seeking agreement among all parties in identifying the matters in dispute, ways to resolve problems, and the time frame required. In 2008, OSPF continued the consultation process for two complaints, held another complaint in abeyance at the request of the complainants, and worked jointly with the Office of the Compliance Review Panel to inform stakeholders about the accountability mechanism through outreach sessions held in several countries and at headquarters. The approval during 2008 of the ADB long-term strategic framework, Strategy 2020, encouraged a fresh look at the role of OSPF and underscored its mandate to strengthen problem-solving functions within ADB. The office intensified work on its supportive function, with particular emphasis on determining and disseminating best practices for project grievance mechanisms.


  • Abbreviations
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  • Role and Mandate of the Special Project Facilitator
  • Complaints
  • Client Support Activities
  • The Office of the Special Project Facilitator and ADB’s Long-Term Strategic Framework
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