Consulting Services Operations Manual

Date: December 2008
ADB administration and governance
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This Manual sets out the policies, practices, and procedures for recruiting and using consultants by ADB and its borrowers, covering the range of activities for which consultants are recruited, the different types of consultants and when their services are used, the range of differing consultant selection methods, and the procedures for the administration of consulting services by both ADB and its client borrowers.


  • Preface
  • Note
  • Overview of Consulting Services
  • Preparing a Consulting Services Package Part A: Work Plan, Staffing Schedule, and Terms of Reference
  • Preparing a Consulting Services Package Part B: Budget
  • Preparing a Consulting Services Package Part C: Method of Selection, Type of Proposal, and Finalization of the Package
  • Preparing Requests for Proposals
  • Evaluating Proposals
  • Negotiating a Contract
  • Recruiting Individual and Staff Consultants
  • Recruiting Other Types of Consultants and Consulting Services
  • Supervising Consulting Services
  • Appendixes