Country Gender Assessment: Papua New Guinea 2011-2012

Date: December 2012
Type: Country Planning Documents
Papua New Guinea
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Capacity development; Education; Gender; Governance and public sector management; Health; Social development and protection
Series: Country Gender Assessments


The Papua New Guinea Country Gender Assessment, supported by the Asian Development Bank, the World Bank, and other development partners, as well as the government of PNG (2013), is based on the three themes of access to resources through education, health, and entrepreneurship; access to rights through legal and social empowerment, including power to address gender-based family and sexual violence; and access to voice through participation in decision-making in politics and in the public and private sectors. It demonstrates that PNG still has a long way to go in achieving gender equality.


  • Contents
  • Acronyms and Abbreviations
  • Forewords
  • Acknowledgements
  • Executive Summary
  • Chapter I: Introduction
  • Chapter II: Access to Resources: Education and Health
  • Chapter III: Access to Resources: Employment, Livelihoods and Economic Resources
  • Chapter IV: Access to Rights through Legal and Social Empowerment
  • Chapter V: Access to Political Voice and Participation
  • Chapter VI: Recommendations
  • Appendixes
  • References