Effectiveness and Impact of Training in Education Projects in Indonesia

Date: December 1997
Type: Evaluation Reports
Capacity development; Education; Evaluation
Series: Special Evaluation Studies


This study evaluates the contribution fellowships make to the institutional development goals of ADB-financed projects. It is necessary to assess their effectiveness and impact because increasing amounts of resources are spent on them as ADB-supported projects move from instrastruture alone to include more institutional targets.

The study focuses on education projects in Indonesia, and draws information from government officials, universities, and other institutions which benefited from eight fellowships.

It concludes that while fellowships impart knowledge and skills, felllowship programs could be more effective if their objectives were based on detailed training needs; and if targets are set for  fellows to meet on returning to work.

The study recommends that fellowships should be designed as an integral part of institutional development priograms, but they should only be awarded if an instutional analysis incorporating a human resource development strategy is conducted.


  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Findings
  • Conclusions and Recommendations
  • Appendixes