Establishment of a Resident Mission in Myanmar

Date: October 2013
Type: Policies, Strategies, and Plans
ADB administration and governance


This paper proposes to establish a resident mission in Myanmar with staff levels commensurate with the anticipated rapid expansion of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) operations, given Myanmar’s substantial demand for development assistance and the capacity building needed to implement its ambitious economic and social reform agenda. The resident mission will facilitate ADB’s timely response to the needs of the Government of Myanmar and will be instrumental in further shaping ADB’s strategic engagement with Myanmar in view of the unfolding development opportunities in the country.


  • Introduction
  • Rationale for Establishing a Resident Mission in Myanmar
  • Functions
  • Organization, Structure and Staffing
  • Logisital Arrangements
  • Budgetary Resource Requirements
  • Recommendation
  • Appendix