Evaluation of ADB's Support for Public Financial Management and Governance in the Kyrgyz Republic

Date: January 2011
Type: Evaluation Reports
ADB administration and governance; Evaluation; Governance and public sector management
Series: Sector Assistance Program Evaluation


ONGOING EVALUATION. This evaluation assesses the outcomes of ADB’s program in public financial management and governance in the Kyrgyz Republic from 1994 up to present. This sector assistance program evaluation will determine if the ADB-supported program is:

  • consistent with the Government's identified priorities;
  • consistent with ADB's Strategy 2020;
  • recognize capacity constraints and propose suitable capacity development efforts;
  • well-coordinated with other development partners;
  • focused on ADB's comparative advantage in the public financial management and governance sectors, as identified by ADB's experience in the country and sectors;
  • geographically focused; and
  • backed with a suitable rationale for guiding the types of loans and technical assistance activities.

The study will involve in-country consultations through structured interviews with available individuals related to ADB’s public financial management and governance portfolio. Government officials, development partners, research institutions, and civil society organizations will also be interviewed.