Evaluation Lessons on Transition: Possible Implications for Myanmar

Date: December 2013
Type: Papers and Briefs
ADB administration and governance; Evaluation
Series: Evaluation Occasional Papers


Myanmar recently launched an ambitious transition program to make up for time lost in isolation. In this context, the experience of comparator countries may prove helpful. To assist in this process, Independent Evaluation reviewed evaluation findings on external support for nine comparator countries in Asia that have gone through transition over the past two decades.

This topical working paper provides a spectrum of experience in meeting transition challenges of possible interest for Myanmar, aid agencies, and evaluators. Though the lessons of any one individual country may not apply in their entirety to Myanmar, the comparator experience highlights the importance of connecting the dots between growth and the environment, inclusiveness and conflict prevention, and policy distortions and corruption, with the importance of capacity as an overarching issue.

The paper also draws attention to the need to coordinate external support for Myanmar to maximize its effectiveness given the large number of development partners likely to be involved.


  • Introduction
  • Challenge of Transition
  • Transition Experience of Comparator Countries
  • Sectoral and Thematic Issues and Lessons
  • Aid Agency Practices in Transition Comparators
  • Conclusions
  • References