Evaluation Paper on Operations in Conflict-Affected North and East in Sri Lanka

Date: August 2007
Type: Papers and Briefs
Evaluation; Governance and public sector management
Series: Evaluation Sector and Thematic Papers


This report examines the operating context and strategies of ADB assistance to conflict-affected North and East Sri Lanka. ADB’s strategies and assistance are analyzed through several dimensions:

  1. evolution of policy on conflict-related assistance,
  2. evolution of ADB country strategy related to the North and East,
  3. relevance to evolving challenges and opportunities,
  4. responsiveness to needs,
  5. alignment with national priorities and policies,
  6. harmonization with development partners,
  7. conflict sensitivity and conflict effects, and
  8. effectiveness and sustainability. It provides considerations for rethinking future ADB assistance to conflict-affected areas, taking into account requisites for feasible project implementation.


  • Scope and Purpose
  • Conflict Profile
  • Economic, Humanitarian, and Other Effects of the Conflict
  • Asian Development Bank's Strategies and Assistance for the North and East
  • Possible Options for ADB Operations
  • Long Term Contextual Factors to Consider