A Fair Share for Women: Cambodia Gender Assessment

Date: April 2004
Type: Country Planning Documents
ADB administration and governance; Gender
Series: Country Gender Assessments
ISBN: 1-932827-00-5 (print)


This report assesses the gender “terrain” in Cambodia. The assessment is based on a review of existing information from government, donor and non-governmental organization (NGO) sources and also from extensive consultations with various stakeholders. Limited original analysis was carried out for this assessment, and there are several areas, such as changing gender relations and issues affecting men, that have not been covered due to lack of information or time.


  • Executive Summary
  • Socio-economic and Cultural Aspects of Gender Relations in Cambodia
  • Gender Outlook in the Labor Market
  • Women, Agriculture and Rural Resources
  • Gender Disparities in Education
  • Gender Issues in Health
  • Gender and HIV/AIDS
  • Violence Against Women
  • Women's Voice in Politics and Decision-making
  • Gender Mainstreaming: Institutional and Policy Context
  • Conclusions and Recommendations