Accountability Mechanism Review: Further Strengthening the Accountability Mechanism - First Consultation Paper (Vietnamese Translation)

Date: February 2011
Type: Policies, Strategies, and Plans
ADB administration and governance


In 1995, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) established an Inspection Function to provide a forum in which project-affected people could appeal to an independent body for matters relating to ADB's compliance with its operational policies and procedures in ADBassisted projects. In 2003, following an extensive review process, ADB introduced the current Accountability Mechanism (AM), building on the Inspection Function. The AM was designed to enhance ADB's development effectiveness and project quality; be responsive to the concerns of project-affected people and fair to all stakeholders; reflect the highest professional and technical standards in its staffing and operations; be as independent and transparent as possible; and be cost-effective, efficient, and complementary to the other supervision, audit, quality control, and evaluation systems already in place at ADB.

At the 43rd Annual Meeting of the Board of Governors of ADB held in Tashkent in May 2010, the President of ADB announced that ADB would undertake a joint Board Management Review of its AM (the Review). A joint Board and Management Working Group was established for this purpose. The Working Group engaged two independent international experts to assist in the Review. The objective of the Review is to take stock on the experience of ADB, draw from the experience of other similar mechanisms, and examine the scope for improving the AM. The Review has encompassed an extensive public consultation process.

Drawing on the experience of the ADB and similar institutions, the Review proposes changes to further strengthen the AM. The major changes are summarized in this document, translated into Vietnamese.


  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Establishment and Evolution of the Accountability Mechanism Policy
  • Experience since 2003
  • Assessment of the Accountability Mechanism
  • Major Proposed Options and Changes
  • The Revised Accountability Mechanism Policy
  • Implementation and Resource Requirement
  • Request for Board Guidance
  • Appendixes