Gender Action Plan (2000-2003)

Date: October 2001
Type: Policies, Strategies, and Plans
ADB administration and governance; Gender


In 1992, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) included improving the status of women as one of its strategic development objectives (SDOs). In support of this objective, a revised Policy on Gender and Development (GAD) was adopted in May 1998. The policy focuses on adopting mainstreaming as a key strategy in promoting gender equity. This will be achieved through mainstreaming gender considerations in all aspects of ADB operations including macroeconomic and sector work, policy dialogue, lending, and technical assistance (TA) operations.

In 2001, ADB prepared the Gender Action Plan (2000-2003) to guide implementation of its revised Policy on Gender and Development. It focused on specific gender and development-related objectives of individual ADB departments that related to economic and sector work, loans and technical assistance, and other activities.


  • Introduction
  • The ADB's Gender Action Plan
  • Gender Action Plan Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Appendixes