Gender Tool Kit: Public Sector Management

Institutional Document | August 2012

This tool kit assists staff and consultants of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in conceptualizing and designing gender-responsive programs and projects in public sector management (PSM). It aims to help users identify and investigate gender issues and to build practical design elements into PSM programs and projects. It guides users on key questions to be asked and data to be collected during project preparation, and provides a menu of entry points for designing gender-inclusive PSM programs. Consisting of three parts, the tool kit provides guidance on gender issues on key PSM subsectors and sector policy reforms. Case studies from ADB programs and projects have been included to illustrate good practices in mainstreaming gender concerns in PSM.


  • Foreword
  • Purpose of the Tool Kit
  • Introduction: Gender and Public Sector Management
  • Part 1: Tools for Gender Mainstreaming in Public Sector Management Programs and Projects
  • Part 2: Gender Issues and Interventions in Public Sector Management Subsectors
  • Part 3: Gender Issues in Sector Policy Reform
  • Appendix 1: Sample Terms of Reference for Gender Specialist
  • Appendix 2: Sample Gender Action Plans
  • References and Resources