Gender Tool Kit: Transport

Date: June 2013
Type: Guides
Gender; Social development and protection
ISBN: 978-92-9254-145-3 (print), 978-92-9254-146-0 (web)
Price: US$24.00 (Hardcopy)


The purpose of the tool kit is to assist staff and consultants of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and government partner executing agencies to conceptualize and design gender-responsive projects in the transport sector. ADB’s Policy on Gender and Development adapts gender mainstreaming across all sectors to promote and support gender equality and women’s empowerment.

The tool kit provides guidance for transport sector specialists and gender specialists by drawing attention to the gender dimensions of transport, and how to mainstream gender equality issues into transport project design, implementation, and policy engagement. It guides users in designing project outputs, activities, inputs, indicators, and targets to respond to gender issues in transport sector operations. ADB staff and government counterparts can use the tool kit in identifying social and gender issues to be considered and integrated into project planning, design, and implementation.

Consultants can use it in carrying out more detailed social and gender analysis during the project preparatory technical assistance, detailed design, or due diligence phase. It should be noted that the tool kit is not meant to be prescriptive; rather, it offers a menu of entry points that the project team can select.


  • Foreword
  • Purpose of the Tool Kit
  • Why Is Gender Important for the Transport Sector?
  • Gender in ADB Operations
  • Gender Analysis, Policy Dialogue, and Capacity Development
  • Gender Entry Points for Transport Subsectors
  • Mitigation of Social Risks
  • Gender in Design and Monitoring Frameworks for Transport Projects
  • Appendixes