Guidelines for the Preparation of Country Assistance Program Evaluation Reports

Date: December 2010
Type: Guides
ADB administration and governance; Evaluation


The country assistance program evaluation (CAPE) provides a credible assessment of the performance of ADB assistance in a particular developing member country. The evaluation identifies factors affecting such performance, drawing lessons and recommendations for improving the future performance of ADB assistance. These guidelines build on the experience and lessons from the original 2006 guidelines issued by ADB's Independent Evaluation Department.

The 2010 revised CAPE guidelines are more consistent with ADB's new country partnership strategy business processes and with the rating system of project/program performance evaluation reports. They are also better aligned the good practice standards set forth by the Evaluation Cooperation Group, which is composed of the evaluation offices of multilateral development banks. The revised guidelines are applicable to sector assistance program evaluations (SAPEs), regional CAPEs, real-time evaluations of ongoing projects/programs, and thematic-level evaluations usually prepared under special evaluation studies (SESs) including policy evaluations.


  • Introduction
  • CAPE Preparation Process
  • CAPE Methdology
  • CAPE Reporting and Dissemination
  • Appendixes