Guidelines for the Validation of Project/Program Completion Reports

Date: May 2014
Type: Guides
ADB administration and governance; Evaluation


The Asian Development Bank (ADB) prepares project/program completion reports (PCRs) as a way to self-evaluate all sovereign projects/programs implemented and completed in ADB’s developing member countries. The Independent Evaluation Department (IED) does not participate in any way in the preparation of PCRs but validates these on a sample basis after they are approved.  In a given year, IED either validates or conducts in-depth performance evaluations on at least 75% of all PCRs completed. Findings of the validation process are contained in the PCR validation reports (PVRs) which are non-Board information papers, made publicly available on IED’s website, upon their approval by IED.

These guidelines are interim in nature as they will be further revised to reflect changes in the Guidelines for Preparing Performance Evaluation Reports for Public Sector Operations, which is being updated. This interim guidelines were prepared to accommodate various changes in the validation exercise that have been introduced through various IED circulars and changes in ADB’s Operations Manual since 2012.


  • Objective and Approach
  • PCR Validation Process
  • Validating PCR Ratings and Other Assessment of Project Performance
  • Appendixes