Handbook for the Economic Analysis of Health Sector Projects

Date: December 2000
Type: Guides
ADB funds and products; ADB administration and governance; Health
ISBN: 971-561-285-7 (print)
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Development of the health sectors within the developing member countries (DMCs) is consistent with ADB's major goal of social and economic progress of member countries. Because health and physical well being are essential to the formation and maintenance of human capital, success in the health sector is inextricably linked to ADB's strategic objectives of economic growth, poverty alleviation, human resource development, and improved status of women. Nevertheless, careful consideration must be taken as to which potential health projects are undertaken and which members of the DMCs' populations will be the ultimate beneficiaries. Public interventions in health and other sectors should be as efficient as possible, maximizing benefits and minimizing costs. Economic analysis of projects has an important role in achieving these objectives.

It is intended that this Handbook assist in enhancing the quality of health sector projects before their approval, and also in monitoring their implementation and post-evaluation.


  • Foreword 
  • Introduction 
  • Sector Review 
  • Project Rationale and the Role of Public Intervention 
  • Analysis of Demand and Need 
  • Cost-Effectiveness Analysis for Health Projects 
  • Valuation of Health Benefits and Identification of Beneficiary Impact 
  • Sensitivity Analysis 
  • Economic Appraisal and Decision Rules 
  • Appendixes 
  • Annotated Bibliography 
  • References