Handbook on Project Implementation

Date: March 2012
Type: Guides
ADB administration and governance


This handbook includes

  • a one-stop center with online links to Asian Development Bank (ADB) policies, procedures, and documents related to project implementation, including standard bidding documents and harmonized request for proposals; and
  • a practical guide on project implementation with an online tutorial and templates on project management, incorporating the critical path method.

The handbook is an aid to executing and implementing agencies of ADB-financed projects, ADB staff, and project consultants and managers.


  Asian Development Bank Policies and Procedures: ADB policies and procedures applicable to project implementation, including links to each document
2.2 Project Administration Manual
  Project Stages: An overview of the stages of a project and describes the essential components of project implementation
3.2 Planning the Project
3.3 Project Set-Up and Scheduling
3.4 Managing and Monitoring the Project
3.5 Managing the Project Quality and Risks
  Project Scheduling and Resource Planning: An overview of project scheduling, resource management, and critical path analysis
4.1 Project Management Software
4.2 Critical Path Method
  Project Implementation: Detailed list of each step of project implementation
5.1 Loan Effectiveness
5.2 Recruitment of Consultants
5.3 Procurement Plans
5.4 Procurement Process
5.5 Construction and Installation
5.6 Project Implementation Structure
5.7 Project Safeguards
5.8 Loan Covenants
5.9 Management of Funds
5.10 Contract Variations
5.11 Progress Reporting
5.12 Agency Coordination
  Project Manager: The key roles of a project manager
6.1 Qualities of a Good Project Manager
6.2 Functions and Responsibilities of a Project Manager
6.3 Managing Project Implementation
6.4 Managing the Project Team
6.5 Project Commissioning and Completion
  ADB and Interaction with Executing and Implementing Agencies: The interaction required during project implementation between ADB and the executing and implementing agencies
7.1 ADB Missions
7.2 EA-IA Orientation and Training
  Project Review and Monitoring: The required end-of-project process
8.1 Technical Assistance Performance Reports
8.2 Technical Assistance Completion Reports
8.3 Project Performance Reports
8.4 Project Completion Reports
  Tutorial and Templates: Demonstrates the application of project management tools
9.1 Tutorial
9.2 Templates
  Reference Materials
10 Reference Materials