Implementation Review: Second Governance and Anticorruption Action Plan (GACAP II)

Date: December 2013
Type: Policies, Strategies, and Plans
ADB administration and governance; Governance and public sector management


The overall message of this implementation review is not to broaden the Second Governance and Anticorruption Action Plan (GACAP II) significantly, but to strengthen its implementation.

The review covers July 2006 to December 2012. GACAP II aims to improve Asian Development Bank (ADB) performance in implementing the governance and anticorruption policies in sectors and subsectors where ADB is active. In the absence of GACAP II performance indicators, the review adopted a qualitative approach. In addition to extensive review of related documents, interviews and brainstorming sessions were held to elicit views from users of GACAP II—developing member country (DMC) officials, country missions, project team members, and ADB Management. Since the overall purpose is to make ADB operations more effective in the DMCs, the review sought the perspective of DMCs on GACAP II.


  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Inception and Embedding of the Second Governance and Anticorruption Action Plan
  • Implementation Strengths and Challenges
  • Way Forward
  • Appendixes